INSURANCE and why you should have it

Imagine that you are relaxing at you home... Off work, shoes off, in your soft pants, eating some popcorn and binge watching the latest whatever is popular on Netflix. You start to realize that something is amiss and that there is smoke pouring into your unit; there is yelling and commotion. This is not a drill, there is a fire and it's tearing through your building. Luckily you toss your shoes on and get out! After a long battle, the fire dept. has won. You home however is now destroyed via smoke and liters upon liters of water being sprayed all over the place to wrestle down the flames... Did you get insurance? This is where the reality settles in.

The person that has insurance next door is just in as much shock as the next, HOWEVER. The person next door can relax a little bit knowing that they are covered. Their belongings will be replaced, they have somewhere to stay while the months of repairs are taking place in their unit. All this peace of mind for what would be (in most cases) equal to the cost of going out for a pizza once a month. Do you think that is worth it? If you are a homeowner, a tenant or a landlord YOU SHOULD  HAVE INSURANCE. Most of us will not need to use it thankfully; but if you do, you will be ever grateful that you did. 

We had a chance to catch up with Janssen Bitun of the Richmond Co-operators for a car conversation about some of the ins and outs of home insurance. Check out the video here:

If you would like to get a hold of Janssen for an insurance quote just drop him a line at:

- Haze