The Process Of Property Management

I was recently invited to speak at a BNI (Business Networking International) meeting via zoom, to give a high level overview of what exactly the process is of hiring a professional licensed property manager for residential rental units. I have broken the video up into 6 parts of viewing and are as follows:

  1. Go Over The Property Management Contract
  2. Determine The Price
  3. Discuss The Target Market
  4. Market The Unit
  5. Find & Sign The Tenant
  6. Ongoing Management
This is a high level overview and there are many aspects surrounding property management that are on a case to case basis. If you have any questions, thoughts or inquiries that you made need for your individual needs please feel free to contact me directly at: or on facebook at

(1 of 6) Go Over The Property Management Contract:

(2 of 6) Determine The Price:

(3 of 6) Discuss The Target Market:

(4 of 6) Market The Unit:

(5 of 6) Find & Sign The Tenant:

(6 of 6) Ongoing Management: