February 2022

What is Tenant's Insurance & Why You Should Get It

Posted on Feb 23, 2022 in How To Videos

There is a gap in perception for many tenants that they don’t have a use for insurance. This might be from the belief that it’s very expensive, or that there is no benefit to the tenant or even the misunderstanding that the landlord’s insurance will cover them. Whatever the reason is, let’s take a look at what tenant’s insurance is and why it’s a g...

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Upward Pressure On Home Prices Remain As Low Inventory Continues For Vancouver

Posted on Feb 15, 2022

January home sales were down 4.4% from that of January in 2021 across Metro Vancouver. This is also at 15% decrease from the number of homes sold in December of 2021.
The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) reported that there were 4,170 newly listed homes in Metro Vancouver across all types (Detached, Attached and Apartment/Condo). This is a 6.9% decrea...

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Only Using Price Per Square Foot For Evaluation? ... DON'T!

Posted on Feb 03, 2022 in How To Videos

This type of evaluation is use quite commonly by those that are trying to oversimplify or by someone that just don’t know much about real estate. This evaluation is to take the price of the home, divide it by the size of the home and we have found the price per square foot. Voila easy as that! This however is usually quite inaccurate and while pric...

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