June 2022

Housing Market In Metro Vancouver Continues To Calm

Posted on Jun 10, 2022

The housing market has been returning to more seasonal levels from the record breaking heights that were set in the same period in 2021. This has been attributed to the rising interest rates as well as some other factors such as buyer’s exhaustion.
Residential home sales in the Greater Vancouver area reached a total of 2,918 for May of this year, wh...

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Mindset aka Ethos Of Real Estate Investing

Posted on Jun 06, 2022 in How To Videos

Mindset aka Ethos of Investment Real Estate

In this article we are going to be covering something that seems to get passed over too often. The topic I am referring to is the realty investor ethos. The illusive concept that there is a quick dollar to be made after the commercial break is simply not real. We have to shift our thinking and understand t...

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